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February 26, 2013 / Ben Simon

Email and donations training

Earlier this week I gave a training to our new development ($$, not engineering) team here at Mozilla on online campaigns (with emphasis on emails and donations).

I got a few requests for the deck, so here it is!

A few notes:

— This was put together by Matt Compton and me back in 2011 for NOI Bootcamp. I did some updating, but he also deserves some blame. That’s also the reason for the NOI theme on the deck itself. [Edit: bunches of it came from a previously developed training by Colin Holtz. Apologies for the omission!]

— Some of the stats may no longer be correct (eg: avg. reader spends 2-7 seconds on an email), but I don’t think anything in there is so out of date as to substantively matter for these purposes.

— I’ve done my best at Mozilla to practice what I preach, but there are certainly times when you can’t follow every rule. Happy to hear any feedback.

There’s obviously a lot more to cover than just what’s here, but hopefully this is helpful to someone!


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  1. davidwboswell / Feb 27 2013 5:26 pm

    This is really helpful — thanks for posting. Seems like there are some good tips in here that apply to how we email people who say they want to contribute to Mozilla. Would you be available to spend 15 minutes talking about this with people interested in community building at an upcoming Grow Mozilla discussion?



  1. Webmaker TLDR Update 03.01.13 |

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