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January 11, 2013 / Ben Simon

2012 EOY Fundraising: Success!

Reporting back on our just-completed 2012 End-of-Year (EOY) fundraising campaign: The results were very good!

As compared to last year’s campaign, we did better this year in every way, and finished the year very well: We went from $435,791.56 total raised online in 2011, of which $205,748.20 came after November 28th (when this year’s campaign began), to $751,018.91 raised online in 2012, of which $356,242.69 came after November 28th.

EOY and Yearly FR Totals

Like last year, this success only came because we were able to get a solid ask in front of audiences who’d be interested in what we had to say. And, again, we saw that the venues which allow the most storytelling and explanation — the emails I sent to our list, and, most importantly, the standalone email to the Firefox & You Newsletter list — were the most lucrative channels, and best ways to fundraise.

Here’s a channel-by-channel breakdown, with the actual numbers in a table below:

Channel-By-Channel EOY Totals

Channel By Channel 2011 2012
FF & You Standalone Email $96,343.79 $140,067.14
FF & You Newsletter Blurb $5,525.00 $10,379.00
Snippet $51,866.00 $68,101.63
Mozilla Emails $21,544.16 $93,482.13
Misc/Unsourced $29,214.25 $30,829.89
Social $1,255.00 $3,170.00
Banners $10,212.90

Across the board, the numbers were better. What was different?

In some ways, it was just a numbers game: we were able to reach more people directly. For instance, the list has increased dramatically — we were at ~232,000 subscribers on January 1st, 2012, and closed this year around 580,000, and had a year more in which to tell our story and engage people. Additionally, the Firefox & You list has grown quite a bit.

Further helping matters, the average gift also went up, since the main thrust of this year’s campaign was T-shirts, which require a minimum donation of $30. The graph below shows both donations (blue) & average gift (red), in 2011 vs. 2012.

Donations and Avg Gift

2011 2012
Total Donations 8,428 10,221
Avg. Gift $24.41 $34.86

So where does all this leave us? I’m very happy with this campaign. It was the first time we’ve really successfully fundraised from our email list — $93,000 from 5 emails is pretty awesome, considering where we’ve so recently been, and we continued earlier successes in other channels, most notably the FF & You list and the about:home snippet.

However, there is certainly plenty of room for growth. We’ve consistently done best leading with the “Get a Firefox T-Shirt” ask, but there’s only so many times we can return to that well, and straightforward pitches around Webmaker and other initiatives have not done nearly as well.

Additionally, we continue to have fairly low conversion rates, despite efforts at page testing & optimization, which I think is mostly to do with us still needing to do more in the grand scheme of things to turn Mozilla into an organization where people expect to land on a donation page — and then want to give.

But, lots to smile about with this, and lots more to do! Thanks again to everyone who helped pull this off, and, of course, to anyone reading this who gave.

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