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December 18, 2012 / Ben Simon

2012 End-of-Year (EOY) Fundraising Update

Forefox T Banner

This year’s EOY campaign has been going on for a few weeks now, so I wanted to update folks on where we are and what’s happening — as you’ll be seeing more of it in the final two weeks of the year.

The final month of the year is a crucial one for non-profits — a lot of donors wait until the last month of the year to do their giving, and audiences generally expect December to be the month when they see fundraising asks everywhere — so (like last year) we’re doing everything we can to capitalize.

There are three different asks as part of this campaign, for which we have a $250,000 goal:

Watch The Mozilla Story video and donate to support our work (with an updated version of the video from last year).

So far, the campaign is going well — we’re nearly $74,000 toward our goal.

On Nov 28, we tested all three asks to our email list to see which one we should lead with in other channels, and found the Firefox T-Shirt to be the best ask (by a little bit).

Results from 11/28 Email:

Firefox T (1/3): 122 donations / $4,205
Story Video (1/3): 168 donations / $4,170
Protect T (1/3): 72 donations / $2,522

Additionally, we held previous purchasers of Firefox T-shirts out of that test, and sent them the Story Video version the following day, which brought in an additional $3,127 from 89 donations.

All told, that email raised $14,024, making it, at the time, the best-performing fundraising email we’ve ever sent.

And we sent our second email last week, which has pulled in nearly $21,000 — besting our previous best by 50%!

There are a few things we did on this 2nd appeal which bear mentioning:

–Sent the Firefox T ask to everyone who hadn’t previously purchased one, and the Protect T to others

–Subject line tested among a smaller audience of only donors, so we could send the optimized version to a wider audience

–Versioned heavily, with customized language thanking 2012 donors specifically and nudging those who have given in previous years to renew their support.

There will be three more emails to our list as part of this campaign, carrying those principles forward, including some additional versioning (a high-dollar push and something tailored just to very recent donors at the end of the year).

Moving forward from there, we’ve had all three asks in some rotation in the about:home snippet — leaning more heavily on the Firefox t-shirt. Those snippets have, so far, raised, $21,154 from 623 contributions. 

We’ve also been in rotation with a slider on the homepage of, which will be increasing in prominence soon, along with a promo in the Universal tab.

Social media promotion began yesterday on Firefox channels (Twitter & Facebook), and we’ll also have a presence in the December Firefox & You newsletter.

And, finally, Mark Surman will be sending an email to the full Firefox & You list after Christmas. This was the single most important piece of last year’s EOY campaign, and we have high hopes for how these folks will react to an earnest pitch about our mission and why our work is worthy of support.

So, that’s what you’re seeing if you stop by, tabzilla, or about:home for the next couple of weeks.

Many, many thanks to the Engagement and Web Production teams for their help in getting the word out, and, most importantly, to the 2,230 folks who have already donated and the many more who will hopefully join them!


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