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October 16, 2012 / Ben Simon

MozFest Contest Update and First Winner!

There are just a few days left in our contest to win a trip to the Mozilla Festival in London — enter by midnight on Saturday, October 20th, if you haven’t already! — and the first winner has already been picked!

Pulkit Sethi, that winner, is from Washington, DC. He’s a software developer and Summer Code Party participant, who first heard about the Mozilla Festival a few months ago.

In his own words:

I am super physced to be selected to go to Mozilla Festival this year. I think what Mozilla Foundation is trying to do through this event is amazing. Bringing together people from various different domains to collaborate and share their thoughts and ideas on how to educate and empower people…amazing.

Personally for me, what I am looking forward to at the festival is collaborating with others on how to spread digital literacy. When I first started using technology, dial up internet was just coming out and people were still trying to figure out how to collaborate and build the web. But now the ability to learn, collaborate, and share is easier than ever before. I think it’s important to get the next generation involved, and show them how easy it can be to not just be consumers of content, but now become the producers.

I am also really looking forward to collaborating on the intersection of journalism and technology, and getting my hands dirty with a few of the design challenges. Living in DC, I’m inundated with political news and talk all day long. I’m excited to see what ideas and tools we can create to make the processing and understanding of that information easier.

See you in London!

Pretty awesome, huh? And here are a few stats on how the contest is going overall. In short: very well.

Total unique entrants: 14,388
Total entrants via donation: 2,781
Total amount raised: $38,432

And don’t forget: there’s still time to enter for you chance to join Pulkit — and hundreds of other Mozillians — if you haven’t yet!

And if you know you want to come but just haven’t registered yet, get thee to the registration page before tickets run out!

P.S. — Apologies to folks who don’t live in France, Germany, the UK, Mexico, Canada (excluding Quebec), or the US. Legal restrictions on doing contests like this are very onerous, and even being able to do it in these six countries took quite a bit of legwork. Many of the countries where we have the biggest communities simply do not allow chance-based contests like this, others allow them only if they’re based solely in that country, and others simply have rules and regulations that were too much to overcome. We’re hopeful that if we do it again in the future we’ll be able to grow the list of eligible countries.

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