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April 5, 2012 / Ben Simon

Join Mozilla Update: April 5, 2012

Been too long since one of these — got a fair bit of ground to cover. Namely:

  • Total Q1 numbers
  • T-shirt campaign results from February & March
    • February Email Test results
    • FF Channel Promotion Results
  • What’s next?
    • Summer campaign
    • Monthly donor program
    • Moz Fest Contest

Total Q1 Numbers

Q1 was a very promising start to 2012 for us. We closed out the quarter having raised just over $200,000, at $204,000, from 7,424 donors. Awesomely, 6,755 of those donors gave for the first time!

And we closed out the quarter with an email list of ~310,000 subscribers (we’re at ~315,000 today).

Month by month, here’s what we saw:

March: $87k from 2,667 donors (2,519 first time)

Feb: $48k from 1,792 donors (1,357 first time)

Jan: $69k from 3,131 donors (2,880 first time)

I don’t expect to hit the same pace in Q2 — the January numbers featured some carry-over from our end-of-year campaign, the February numbers were helped by a direct fundraising appeal over email, and the March numbers were helped by having a strong presence in Firefox channels (about which more later). That said, this is a really promising pace, far exceeding anything we’ve seen before except for December of last year.

T-shirt campaign results

Our recent t-shirt campaign had two principal stages — February’s direct emails to the Join list, and March’s presence in Firefox channels. I’ll describe both, and then embed the stats for all.

Direct appeals

We sent two appeals to the list — an initial one from Mark, and a follow-up from me. For Mark’s, we did a test of a one-time ask (donate $30 or more and we’ll send you a t-shirt) vs. a monthly ask (make a monthly donation of $5 or more and we’ll send you a t-shirt).

The results were very inconclusive — the one-time test raised just less than 10x as much as the monthly test (which would lead to the monthly segment being better, since a 12-month average retention would be a conservative projection). However, the monthly segment had much higher unsubscribes, and it also had a much higher open rate (and, therefore, click rate). While the latter would normally be a good thing, in this case I concluded that it was inflating the relative performance of the monthly segment, since the messages had identical subject lines and headers (so there was no reason why open rates should differ). We decided to send the one-time ask to the full list, through it could have gone either way.

The second appeal was just a quick note from me on top of Mark email. Overall, using 12-month projections from the monthly gifts, email 1 raised $15,201, and email 2 raised $11,763.

Firefox channel promotion

Over the course of March, we were heavily in channel on the Firefox home page snippet, and we were also placed in the Firefox e-newsletter, and on Firefox twitter & Facebook. Here’s the Facebook post. Who is that handsome model they got?

The snippet was by far the most lucrative channel of the four, though results from all were actually very good.

Snippet: $53,405.56
E-newsletter: $9,082.27
FF Facebook: $1,643.00
FF Twitter: $1,131.41

Here are the full stats from the campaign:

What’s next?

There are three different pushes in the next few months that we’re thinking about (to take us into the Fall). They are:

Summer campaign

In concert with our Mozilla Summer Code Party, we’ll be doing some fundraising integrated with our other communications. That will most likely take the form of a fallback ask (eg: Can’t host a summer code party? Please think about making a donation to help us make this campaign as awesome as it can be), but it will definitely be very present.

Monthly donor program launch

One of the flaws we were guilty of in the monthly appeal we did around the t-shirts is that we didn’t make a real case about why giving monthly is important — steady stream of income, long-term stability, etc. So at some point in the next several months we’re going to try to make that case in as straightforward and compelling a way as possible.

Moz Fest Contest

Taking a page from the presidential campaigns, I want to run a “win a trip to the Mozilla Festival” campaign. You could enter without donating, but it will be primarily pitched for fundraising. Hopefully a trip to London for three days of awesomeness will be enticing!

As always, any thoughts/questions/concerns are more than welcomed in the comments!


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  1. Mario Olivio Flores (@rio517) / Apr 5 2012 3:37 pm

    I didn’t know you were a t-shirt model! 😉

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