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February 10, 2012 / Ben Simon

Join Mozilla update: 2/10/12

Following up our successful end-of-year fundraising campaign, January and February have been pretty good so far from a fundraising perspective, despite no aggressive pushes (other than the PS in a SOPA/PIPA email we sent in January). Here’s where we are so far:

2012 online donations to Mozilla: 3,723
2012 online revenue: $78,657.80
Current @Mozilla followers: 4,880
Current email subscribers: 292,263

These are pretty great numbers. We don’t expect them to hold at this clip on their own, but it’s a very promising start to the year.

So, what’s next? Well, we’ve got a few things on the docket:

  • Next week, we’ll be launching a new push for the Firefox/I support Mozilla t-shirts we have. We’ll be testing two different asks: “Donate $30 or more and get a t-shirt” vs. “Make a monthly donation of $5 or more and get a t-shirt“. We’ll be emailing the Join list about this campaign a couple of times, and we’re also planning to be in social media, email, and snippet channels on the Firefox side next month.
  • Either this month or next, we’ll be launching a monthly webmakers newsletter, to spread the word about the awesome progress that’s being made with and connected to Mozilla projects
  • Next month, we’re planning an engagement campaign around our Hackasaurus project, to get people a bit more familiar with it.
  • We’re working on figuring out ways to onboard people into our learning initiatives in fun, low-bar ways, while still imparting a bit of coding goodness. The Hackasaurus team has created an early version of something called the “love bomb” maker, which we’re working to build up into something that we can push more widely later in the year (and which will likely not be called the “love bomb” upon actual launch :). Matt Thompson wrote up a great post on the Love Bomb — just in time for Valentine’s Day — here.
  • And the other big thing that we’re all monitoring is ACTA. Mitchell Baker blogged on it this morning, and we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled as the debate moves forward with ways for us to constructively and meaningfully engage.

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