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December 16, 2011 / Ben Simon

Join Mozilla update: 12/16/11

As of today, Friday, December 16th, we’re nearly halfway through our end-of-year fundraising and mostly done with 2011’s SOPA/PIPA activities. Here’s a look at some of our top-line Join metrics I track every week, a quick look at what’s happened recently, and what to look out for coming up.

2011 online donations to Mozilla: 9,643
2011 online revenue: $253,299
Current @Mozilla followers: 3,753
Current email subscribers: 207,477

This past week was a big one, filled both with SOPA news and increasing exposure for our Story video and end-of-year fundraising campaign.

On the SOPA front, we asked folks who’ve signed up to take part in the campaign who live in the US to call their representative in the US House — the judiciary committee was holding its markup hearings. Mozillians made thousands of calls — and a couple of hour ago we got word that the markup hearings were adjourned without a vote being taken on the full legislation!

While most of the amendment votes were definitely going against us, it’s clear that our side is getting the better of the arguments in committee, and more time until the final committee vote provides a great opportunity to help educate members of Congress on just what this legislation would do.

On the end-of-year fundraising front, this week’s biggest push came from inclusion in the Firefox & You newsletter, which has generated $3,635 so far, as well as continued exposure on the “about:home” snippet.

The biggest concern to me about the campaign so far is our conversion rates on the page (the number of people who donate as a percentage of the number of people who land on the donation page itself). Overall, the page conversion rate is ~0.11%, although the rates from “fuller” asks — those with a bit more context — are much higher than that, while conversion from the snippets is much lower.

We’re looking to do a bit of page testing as the month continues to try to see if we can boost it, and I’m also hopeful that increasingly direct asks that push to the page — becoming more and more about donations with less emphasis on the video — will also help.

In terms of what’s upcoming, these next two weeks will be nearly all fundraising — as SOPA & PIPA are now not moving until at least next month — with some emails to the Mozilla list along with a strong presence in Firefox promotional channels.

Here’s to a strong finish to 2011! And if you haven’t yet seen it, please check out the video that’s the centerpiece of our end-of-year campaign (and consider making a donation) at


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