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November 16, 2011 / Ben Simon

The internet we know and love is at risk

It’s been blogged already by Alex Fowler — and it’s inescapable if you visit, about:home in Firefox, or today — but Mozilla is definitely making its thoughts known about the Stop Online Piracy Act (which would actually do nothing at all of the sort), so I wanted to expand a bit on what we’re doing.

First, you can learn more about SOPA (as well as its companion legislation in the Senate, called Protect IP) here & here.

Mozilla’s efforts so far have had two main thrusts:

1) The joint letter we signed and sent to Congress (and published in some newspapers) with Google, Facebook, Twitter, AOL, eBay, LinkedIn, Yahoo! and Zynga.

2) Participation in today’s Day of Action (timed to coincide with hearings on SOPA in the US House). You can see the Mozilla hub for that at, as well as the banners across our site. Huge kudos to the team that spun it all up in such a short time! This is also being promoted in today’s Firefox & You newsletter, as well as in an email from Mark Surman to the Mozilla list today. If you live in the US, please make sure to participate!

And it’s important to note that we are most definitely not done with SOPA after today. Please sign up to make sure you’re notified about future actions on this issue here.

But what those future efforts will look like is still very much up in the air. Have thoughts on what you’d like to see? Please share ’em!

Stop Censorship



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  1. Caspy7 / Nov 16 2011 10:11 pm

    Why are there no Tweet/Google+/Facebook buttons on these pages to enable people to easily share it on their social networks?

    I had to manually create something for G+

    • Ben Simon / Nov 16 2011 10:42 pm

      I think that’s just a function of the page itself having been created pretty quickly; that’s something that’d make sense to include on future things like this (at least, it would to me).

      For the “take part in future campaigns” page (, the tw/fb/g+/email share stuff is on the thank you/confirmation page — that way it’s part of an action flow.

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