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October 6, 2011 / Ben Simon

September campaign wrap-up

As I wrote on Monday, we closed out our first direct fundraising appeal series this week with an email asking folks to attend the Mozilla Festival — and provided the fallback opportunity to donate if they couldn’t come.

Full results from that (along with the full series) is below the fold, but the short answer is that it was pretty promising. It didn’t go gangbusters, but, while making a less direct fundraising ask, it significantly outperformed the second appeal in the series (raising $1,535 from 38 donations compared to $1,084 from 36 donations, along with MUCH higher click-through rates). The truth is that I would have been happy if it had done just as well as appeal #2, but outperforming it is great — along with fundraising, we were able to engage folks around a flagship Mozilla event, laying the groundwork to talk more about the Festival this month and next.

Overall, the series results were very interesting — very glad to have done it. The response to the first appeal was very promising, but fell off after — likely due to a combination of the first picking up many of those inclined to give prior to more engagement and that the list itself has not had any reason to expect fundraising asks. Performance ticked up for the third appeal, likely because it combined real, tangible engagement with the fundraising in a way that seemed less different from what folks might expect from this list.

Conversion rates (the ratio of donations to click-throughs) were not great to begin with and got worse — that’s definitely something we’ll need to test. We also saw large variance in open rates — we should be working in new senders over time, and, once the list is big enough, make sure we’re always subject line testing.

But, a great campaign to learn from. And a huge thank you to everyone who donated — you’re helping to make the web a better place!

Full results below:


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