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September 19, 2011 / Ben Simon

Join campaigns

Wanted to give folks a heads up about what we’ve got planned for the Join program.

We’re going to be trying a lot of different tactics in the coming weeks and months. Today, if you’re subscribed to email — which means you’ve either donated in the past or are a part of Drumbeat — you’ll likely receive a fundraising appeal from Mark Surman (if you’re a previous donor, you may have received the first appeal last week).

This is part of a three-email series, with the first making a broad case for giving, the second highlighting three, specific, Foundation projects, and the final appeal returning to the broader themes of the first.

As time goes on, there’ll be more along these lines. We’ll continue to push our basic asks (both straight donate and donate $30 and get a t-shirt). There’ll be lower-bar actions which will hopefully provide an entry point for folks who might be interested in our work but haven’t felt connected to it before. There will be fun, viral campaigns that showcase why the web is awesome — and there will also be project-specific pitches, asking folks to get involved directly with particular projects.

I’m planning to use this space to provide a window into what we’re thinking — and I encourage anyone to please chime in with thoughts. I’ll also be reporting back on our progress — once our first email appeal has gone out to our full list I’ll let you all know how it did, and I’ll go from there.



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  1. davidillsley / Sep 19 2011 2:16 pm

    The e-mail today was much better than the one last week. I’d like to see even more detail on what’s possible if I give money vs if I don’t (and I know that’s hard to do), but definitely heading the in the right direction.

  2. Ben Simon / Sep 19 2011 2:43 pm

    Thanks, David — we’re definitely going to try and paint that picture as clearly as possible as time goes on, to make concrete the justification for giving.

  3. Nicole Aro / Sep 23 2011 12:38 pm

    Love that you’re doing this. I’m adding it to the weekly “reading club” that my team does on organizing (online and off).

  4. Ben Simon / Sep 23 2011 1:15 pm

    Thanks — should be interesting (at least if you’re nerds like us). What else is on the list?


  1. First appeal results: where we start from « Engaging Openly

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