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September 15, 2011 / Ben Simon

Joining Mozilla

So I’m now a week in (I realize this intro post could have been better timed), but I’m excited to be able to put out in the interwebs that I’ve joined the Mozilla Foundation to lead its “Join” project.

It’s an incredible opportunity to take skills I’ve learned elsewhere and turn them toward building — and helping create the space for others to build — an open and awesome web.

My last position was running new media campaigns for the Democratic National Committee — using the & email lists, social media accounts, & blogs to support the President’s agenda and Democrats up and down the ballot.

While I remain deeply committed to those goals, I’m thrilled that I’ll be able to help Mozilla grow, which is what I see the Join program as being about. In my role, I’m going to have two principal goals:

–Expand our membership by growing grassroots, small-dollar donor support, so that Mozilla can have the resources to continue to innovate and build a better web, and
–Grow participation in — and awareness of — Foundation projects like Hackasaurus, Popcorn.js, Open Badges, and others.

I’ve got some thoughts about how to move those balls forward — about which more in subsequent posts over time — but I also encourage anyone reading this to chime in in comments with any thoughts you’ve had about how we can grow the Join program. And, if you’re so inclined, I’d encourage you to go ahead and Join Mozilla for yourself today.

Let’s get to work.


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